The Benefits of Bathroom Renovations: Ventilate!

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

A new bathroom for your home provides a wealth of value, both in real terms, and insofar as your visits each day. It offers greater comfort, relaxation, and the admiration of your friends and family. But the benefits of professional bathroom renovations don’t stop there.

In the Australian winter, with our mediocre insulation practices, we often leave our bathroom windows closed to preserve. This means there is little airflow, and the humidity from the shower, toilet, and tap tend to stay within those four walls. This can easily wind up breeding mould growth, especially on plaster walls and ceilings.

Apart from being unsightly, mould can create health issues. Mould reproduces by releasing spores, which then wind up circulating in the air. This can cause respiratory problems, in particular, the young and elderly. All of this, of course, during the wintertime – when a lot of people are already suffering from an annual winter cold.

A professional bathroom renovation in Adelaide removes the lack of circulation from your bathroom. A good extractor fan, with a capacity chosen for the size of the space, ensures that the moisture produced by the usage of the toilet does not stick around long enough to cause problems.

At Adelaide Bathrooms, we also choose surfaces that are less prone to mould growth, and are easy to keep clean. We realise that a high-use area such as this one will require the odd bit of cleaning throughout its life, and doing so shouldn’t be a painful experience.

Its part of our conscientious approach to construction and the pursuit of our passion, and one of the reasons our clients at Adelaide Bathrooms are never left unsatisfied. For more information, contact us today.

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