Small Space Bathroom Concepts for Adelaide

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bathroom concepts for Adelaide are always considered in relation to the space available to the contractor. Obviously, smaller spaces are more limiting insofar as the options available, but they also bring out the ingenuity and inventiveness of the designer.

There is nothing to suggest that small spaces cannot result in a beautiful, functional bathroom. What they do demand is for the designer to reconsider the so-called necessities, while considering any space-saving measures available. Drawing from our more crowded urban spaces, Adelaide Bathrooms can put together a small-space bathroom that offers all the comfort and amenity that you could require.

So what are the necessities to putting together a striking and refreshing bathroom, with limited space?

Choose Wisely

Space-saving fixtures have evolved to the point that you no longer need to sacrifice functionality to save space. Wall-mounted toilets are on example. They can still possess the right comfort and flow rate, without absorbing any floor space. As an added plus, they are considerably easier to clean.

Make it Float

This mantra continues to the sinks and vanity. Your classic bench-top style vanity need not apply here. A floating vanity offers not only some space for your toes underneath the sink, but it can provide some much-needed storage space underneath it. Corner-mounted sinks can also make some use of this oft-overlooked area.

Go Vertical

Finally, making use of the vertical spaces in the room can provide your storage spots. By putting them above the height of the toilet and vanity, you can preserve your standing space – just avoid putting them at head-height in the path of the user, or they can come away with a knock to the head. Above the toilet is an ideal spot.

By carefully choosing your bathroom design, Adelaide Bathrooms can revolutionise the way you enjoy your home. For more bathroom concepts for your Adelaide home, contact us today.

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