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Thursday, June 14, 2018
Professional bathroom renovations are, by their very nature, a work of art. We are creating a brand-new space, something that didn’t exist before, for you and your family to enjoy. An end to end renovator, Adelaide Bathrooms takes pride in its finished product, and its craftsmanship.

But while we often take care of bathrooms in need of only minor tweaks, or specific changes to fixtures or layouts, there is a case to be made for holistic, complete bathroom renovations, to create a bathroom that is greater than the sum of its parts. A complete bathroom renovation can be the ticket to a long-lasting and brilliant space, one that will not require more than minimal updates or changes over time.

For one thing, when a bathroom is renovated in its entirety, there are no fixtures or surfaces that are left behind. From the point of completion onwards, everything ages in unison, and there is no need to move or alter existing surfaces or fixtures to access those in need of an update in the near future.

But more than that, changing the bathroom in its entirety allows you to maintain a holistic design motif throughout each area of the bathroom. It allows everything to match with everything else, with no outstanding features that were kept around purely because they were still functional. It maintains the vision for the room, and ensures that discerning eyes won’t have anything to fixate upon.

While it may sound like salesmanship, our years of experience has taught us the value of complete, professional bathroom renovations for a given home. Consider it as you move forward with your renovation.

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